Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

So, I know we already did the head shaving thing. But after we shaved it I wanted to wax it. My friend Sherri, who has just gone through all of this last year, said that she shaved and then waxed her head. GREAT idea. Once my hair started coming out easily, we shaved it and then I thought that it probably wouldn't hurt too badly to wax it because it could pull out easily. It didn't hurt all that much, but it was just really thick and hard to wax. My sis and girlfriend took on the task of doing it.

My GF started doing it the night before and she felt really bad and was a little grossed out by how it was NOT coming off all that easily. So we stopped and thought about shaving even though I was told not to because of infection. We didn't do that either. So we called it quits that night and thought we would try again in the am.

We were away on holidays and so our babe was sleeping with us. In the morning he woke up and felt my head all over and then found "the spot"! He kept feeling it and asked "Mommy, wud ja do there?" I had to laugh... ummmmm, made a huge mistake! I couldn't leave it, so like I said the girls came to my rescue. And I think it did come off a little easier that morning.

My parents had missed the head shaving party and the joke going around for my Mom and Mom-in-law was that the hubby's would do it if the wives would do it. They weren't in and I DON'T blame them. But my Dad has a surprise for us when he showed up sportin' his new do!

I felt so special and I was so excited!!!

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