Saturday, June 18, 2011

My sweet girl.

I think I mentioned before how upset K was that we didn't let her shave her head. She felt left out and really, really wanted to do hers too. We felt really bad because we didn't want her to feel this way, but I knew that in a few days she probably wouldn't be very happy that it was gone. She has been trying to grow her hair out like Repunzel for a few years now and I don't think she understands how long it will take to grow out from sprouts to Repunzel's golden locks.

So when we got back from our holiday I had a lab the day before chemo. When I was up at the hospital the oncology nurse V took my hat off and showed everyone how "smooth" my head was. This started some conversation's amongst the fellow chemoites. I was chatting with a very sweet lady in the chair next to me and I was telling her of our plight. She suggested, that like other women (who wanted to support but didn't necessarily want to shave.... again I don't blame them) that we put some pink highlight's in K's hair. I thought this was a great idea and couldn't wait to get home and share this idea with Ken and K!

She was honestly ecstatic. However, the next day I had chemo so that put it off for a week and a half. She kindly reminded us everyday that she "...would like to have pink hair."


Insert random story here. Last Tuesday I was cleaning up the garage and came across a box of old photo's and a little glass figurine that was mine when I was a child. It was a cute little girl with dark eyes, doing the splits in a ballet dress and stretching her arms up over her head. She had pale skin with a kiss of blossom pink on her cheeks; her hair was smooth and brown and pulled back in two little pink clips; she had on a light pink ballet dress with some white tights and ballet slippers that matched her dress. I smiled as I held it in my hands and thought that I had the perfect person to give it to, K.

Curious C came over and wanted to see it. So I gave it to him and told him to be very careful while he was looking at it because it was special to Mommy and I wanted to give it to K. He walked to the front of the garage with it.

Insert totally unrelated story here. You know how with some small children they become animals like when you are trying to get something away from them?? Like your dog if it has something in it's mouth that it shouldn't have, and as you walk slowly over to it it bolts off and then before you know it you are in a mad freakin' dash trying to catch up and grab the darn animal before it eats, destroys, chokes etc... Well, C is especially like this. He runs around with "sharp knife" as he likes to loudly proclaim, scissors, permanent markers, foods that stain carpets, toys that don't belong to him, keys, coins... pretty much anything that he knows he shouldn't have. He gets this wild look in his eye and then it's on! Oh and he loves to drop things on the floor at random moments to see what the reaction will be like blueberry apple sauce, plates, cups, bowls, "sharp knife", toys that don't belong to him...

So, having learned from experience, not to over-react and to "sneak up slowly on him", I kindly asked him to bring it back to me. Which he did and then phrased something about "dropping" this little ballet girl on the garage floor and before I could "talk him down", it was on the floor in 48 pieces (or more I am sure). At which point K had to come over and asked what had happened. I explained that I had found this little girl and I wanted to give it to her but C ruined it before I could. She delicately started to pick up the pieces as C was crushing others under his bloody foot. Yes, I was mildly annoyed.

Well, this sparked at least an hour of whining and tears from K. Finally I was so annoyed with her and her grump, that I told her that she didn't even know she was going to get it so why was it such a big deal that it was broken. I was the one who should be sad, not her so to let it go or I was going to duct tape her to her bed for the afternoon for a nap. Nice Mom, I know. Judge all you want. I don't quite have the patience that I used to have right now for the kids and their, well, for lack of a better word, crap.

At this point, and not a moment too soon for K, Daddy called (our hero in all things) and saved the day. He told me that he had an appointment at the mall for K to get her hair done. So I quickly made lunch and told the two little farts that Dad was coming home to take them out for a surprise. In a split second, K's whole mood changed, which made mine change and she was so excited. And I was relived that I didn't have to scrounge around for the roll of duct tape.

They ate quickly, Dad came home, took them out and it was quiet for a bit.

Then all of a sudden there was a rush through the front door and it was our princess, running to show me her pink hair. She was over the moon. She was so happy that she finally had her pink hair to show everyone that she supported Mommy, just like the boys, but in another way.

Every few minutes she would check her hair in the mirror and then ask us if we had seen it. It was adorable and I was so happy for her. So without further verbal diarrhea, here she is!

And here we are. Love her!! (and of course the rest of our crew!)

PS I would never duct tape our kids to anything but I know I made some sort of pathetic and outrageous threat...

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