Thursday, June 23, 2011

Food aversion, coming right up!

Ok, they tell you not to eat things that you "love" right after chemo as you can develop aversions that can last for the rest of your life. So after last chemo I thought I would test out my theory on an item I am most fond of... a donut. Worked like a charm. I haven't wanted one in three weeks and am completely fine without having one.

So today after I finished up chemo I thought of what I would try next. Of course chocolate, Nutella and blizzard's came to mind but I didn't want to ruin that. :) So, I opted for a greasy Double Cheese Burger and small fries from McD's. And I think it might just work!! I am starting to feel a tad gross and indigestion has set in for another sweet week of uproar!! "Greetings from the interior!!" (My gf's Dad said that and I LOVED IT! He is freaking hilarious!!!)

I will let you know if my sick little plan works. If so, I have to work myself up to eat the sweets for next time. That would be "Awesome!" if I could get off those.

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