Friday, June 17, 2011

New "ta-ta" for Mamma!

On Monday I went for a little drive to a lady who sells "breast forms" (prosthesis). I was obviously VERY excited to get a real bra and, well of course, another "fill in" boob! It was great and she is SO nice, so helpful, so patient... just perfect at her job. I am not exaggerating! We spent 2 hours trying on different mastectomy bras and breast forms. They are made form silicone and if it gets cut or punctured (LOL... Has she met my youngest??) all I have to do it put duct tape or a band aid over it. It even has a NIPPLE!!!! Not that it shows or anything but I just thought it was kinda funny.

I was joking and asked her if she wanted the donation of my old foam fakey... I can't remember her response to that question, but she did tell me that she did take donations of older forms as some women can't afford them. The baby I ended up with is apparently the lightest and perkiest (guess the old sock on the right ain't doin' too bad!), but to the $$$ amount of $370.00! I truly feel blessed that we can afford one. They are guaranteed for 2 years, at which time you can get a new one and donate the old one. I will do this with mine for sure. I can't honestly imagine a woman having to go without because of money. It truly made me feel "normal" (was I before) again and I would hope that any woman could have this feeling no matter her circumstance.

I also learned a lot and I am thankful for people with knowledge of things where I have little or none at all. J made it a great experience and I would recommend her to anyone!


  1. did you know you can write off your new tata on taxes? Cool eh?

  2. My friend has attachable breast forms and she loves them. They look so real and I think its better than getting breast surgery.