Monday, January 28, 2013

Bling Be-gone!

A few days ago, "Mrs. Gorgeous" (C coined this phrase right after we finished up family prayers and tried to suck the pearl out of B's ring.... he's so focused on the spirit while we pray.  We laughed so hard), "BB". "B" took my staples out for me.  I think we did a few on Tuesday evening, then a few more on Wednesday and the rest on Thursday.

I, LITERALLY, thought they were stapled into my skull so I was really freaked out at how they would come out.  I just didn't really have a strong desire to feel all those little edges pulling from my head.  But B reassured me that they really only clamp the skin.  The first one came out and I braced for a barf.... of course I did.  What did you expect!  Well, it wasn't that bad.  It was itchy, and felt good.  She took a few out here and there like I said just to make sure that the incision still stayed nicely closed  up.  Plus, who am I trying to impress right now with my beautiful flowing locks?  My family.  That I can actually be up and moving and laughing.  They most certainly didn't care how many were left in there.

The kids were right into it.  I love my kids.  They have been little troopers through this whole ordeal.  K, was a little squeamish and didn't really want to watch, but mustered up the courage and then they wanted to take some staples in a baggie to school to show their friends.  It was cute.  And I kept one for my "cancer picture book".  Although, I am sure one day I would just rather burn the stupid thing instead of look back at it. 

By Thursday I was bling free, no mare sparkles back there and most importantly ABLE to have a real shower.  It was so nice to be able to wash my head!  Well, you know me and bumps and gross stuff like that so I was careful not to get to crazy with cleaning the incision.  But just to know that clean, soapy water was running over my head was great!

Friday night, we went out on a date with some of our greatest friends M and G.  We went out for M's birthday and decided to eat at the mission.  All you can eat Asian buffet.... I thought it was a great idea!!!  I did so well.  Filled up on salad and then had some of the other food and then..... addict G was on the rampage.  I managed, somehow, in a  fog, to find myself at the dessert table.  I took two pieces of dessert to "share" with Ken.  I did share a little.  And then at the movie, I shared some more stuff that I somehow managed to purchase before the movie started.  Seriously!!!  What is wrong with me.  I've been up most of the night with a gut ache and annoyed at myself that I freaking caved again!!!!  I know I will be good again today, that isn't the issue, I just wish that I could really just leave the crap alone!!!!  Everyone has been so good to not have it around me, well, the other night they did all have DQ but like I said, not everyone has to suffer because of what I feel I should and shouldn't eat!!

Anyways, then we watched Les Mis and I felt like barfing of floating up to the ceiling the entire time.  It was a good movie.  I didn't know there would be so much singing even though it is a Broadway Musical.  But Ken managed to watch it all even after I said, "Should I pretend I'm sick (honestly I wasn't' really pretending at that point) and we can go get out money back and go home?"  He laughed.  I'm glad we stayed.  It took us a while to get into it, but I am glad we watched it all.  By the end though, my poor little head had done enough working out for the day and just needed somewhere to rest.

We came home, I found, somehow, a piece of pizza and then we watched another show which I fell asleep to right away.  But it was just what I needed.  We had a good night.  A decent sleep and now, IT'S Saturday!!!  I hope your day is great!!

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