Monday, January 28, 2013

Feeling ok.

Happy to report, I have been good since Friday night.  It is SO not worth it for me to eat crap and pay the price of how my body feels afterwards.  It's just wrapping my mind around getting healthy again that is a little tricky.   But like I said, I know it is worth every sacrifice so I just have to look at it as a means to an end.  Hard work always pays off.

I really have to rest a lot though.  I woke up two times this week feeling less than human.  It was really hard.  I had a hard time seeing out of my right eye, it just felt really tired.  I had a headache and felt awful.  When I feel like this, back to bed is the only thing that helps.  This morning, Mom and I made my breakfast and then I went back to bed from 9am until almost 1pm.  It was just what I needed.

When I woke up I felt a little more like a human probably should.  Now that it's 4:30pm, I'm feeling a little tired again, but I don't want to have a nap or else I will be all messed up for sleeping again tonight.  I want to try and keep my body on as normal of a schedule as I can.  I think it is so important for healing.

I have been on the treadmill 3 whopping times and very, VERY, slowly.  And you know what, that is good enough for now.  I am just glad that I am moving.  I can only do about 15 minutes at a time and I have to hold on and walk at about a 2.00-2.10.  But like I said, I am just glad to be moving.

Again we are so thankful for everything that has been done for our family.  We haven't had to cook a meal since we arrived home on Monday.  It has been a great rest for our entire family, and our children love the surprise of what is coming the next night for dinner.  And you ladies have done a wonderful job because they haven't complained at all about one single meal.  And there is usually left overs so Ken can actually have a good lunch the next day.  We are so grateful.

On the head healing front, I think things are going well.  Mom said that it is still a little swollen around some areas, but it has only been two weeks so I think that must be a little normal.  I need to stop babying my neck and start moving it around a little more.  It doesn't hurt, but I am definitely taking it easy.  I know it will feel better once I start giving myself some more range of motion.  Nothing is going to fall out of the back so I just need not worry about that!

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