Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Grinch....

We are home safe and sound.  I was very excited to come home, and leave all the way from Kelowna to get back here, but by the time we got to Mom and Dad's, I was done.  It was a long 4 hours in the car, and a bit uncomfortable at times.  I did sleep most of the way which was nice.

After we pulled into Fruitvale, Ken had a bit of a nap, we fed the kids some mac and cheese and Ken the left overs for supper (nice wife!) and then they came home.  Mom, Dad (against his will but being sweet and deciding to hang out with us anyways) and I caught up on last season of Sister Wives.  It was great!!  I know my Dad loved it!! ;)
A good family friend of ours (you know, anotha motha, I have some pretty great Mom's!!!) came over for a quick visit on her way to work.  She's a nurse and has kindly dedicated the next few days to coming here to help out.  How sweet is that?  K keeps asking when the Dr. is coming and going to be sleeping in her bed.  It's really cute.  Anyways, B broke her neck quite a few years ago but didn't go to the hospital for a few days and then when she did she found out her neck was broken.... yes, she is a nurse, but just old fashioned tough and clearly not a whiner!!  She took a look at the back of me and said, "Well, your zipper head looks great!"  Yet, another, catchy, nick name.  The kids even like calling it that.  Makes me smile.  I am just glad it's at the back of my head and I don't have to look at it!!  Because, I think it is sick!!!

Had a decent sleep, but was so excited to get "home".  So excited!!!  I got up and got ready, and Mom got all her stuff ready for another traveling road show and we came to Cranny.  Well, there is a specific picture that I have been trying to locate of "the Grinch".  You know, after he does his crash test and is holding his own head up?!  Well, that's how I felt by the time we got to town.

The roads were too much.  And I am so glad that Ken told me to stay at Mom and Dad's over night.  I would have been a total mess.  So today, I feel a bit better.  My neck still feels a little stiff but I feel like I am being overly cautious... we seem to be joking about not wanting anything to fall out of the back of there so that is probably why I am babying my baldy!! But if I am tired it hurts.  Last night I feel asleep on my arm for a little too long in the same position and I paid for it when I became conscious!!  Drugs helped out though.  I was up and at it by 5:30am.... I know, seriously SLEEP IN!!!!!  I just couldn't.  I was awake off and on from 2:30am but made myself stay in bed. 
At 5:30am I turned up my detox mat and sweat it out for an hour.  That was more than enough and I didn't want to give myself a headache from frying too long. Plus I haven't been on it for a week or so.  I'll ease my way back onto it.  Then I had another bath.... I am excited to not bathe in butt soup (love it D and AT) and actually have a shower and wash my head.  But, I guess we don't want any rusting going on back there so I can easily wait until the staples are out!
It was nice to get the kiddies up and have them get ready for school.  Lunches had already been made, breakfast was already ready, so it was a pretty easy morning for me.  It just felt nice to feel like Mom.  But I was very tired, had a headache, and was ready for back to bed.
Mom woke up, and C, (the little fart who coughed all night in our bedroom and then woke up to have his legs rubbed out - he's growing, he's really growing!!!) finally  showed his face outside our bedroom at like 10am!  Mom helped me juice, I ate my green smoothie for breakfast and took ALL of my supplements again.  I feels good to be back on track.  I can't even tell you how good it feels.  Although, I need to exercise the sugar daemon and get it out, but I already feel way better not having it in my system and it's only been 4 days.  Dang sugar.  I guess it is the one challenge that I will learn to overcome in my life and be able to be in control with it one day.  How profound.
I am blabbing.  It seems to be a new trend.  And slightly annoying. 
What's up next is Mom and I are heading over to Kelowna again on the 31st of January.  I have appointments all day on the Friday (Appt with Dr. M, Mask making, not something that I really ever had the desire to create as a craft at home and then a CT) to get set up for treatments which will start on Monday the 4th.  I will have 5 treatments and then I will have some time off, be monitored by more CT's, most likely for a few months, and then we will look into the pinpoint radiation if the light full brain doesn't look like it's working for everything.  I won't be going to Vancouver right away, and I am glad to know that we will see how things are working out so that we don't need to over do anything. 
I still feel good about everything.  I feel like everything that is happening is supposed to.  I am not worried.  Like I said, all fear in my life literally left my body (k, well if I let myself freak out then I get afraid!!!) on December 20th and I still have an amazing amount of peace.  I know who's hands I'm in.  And there is no room for fear when you know who's got your back.
I'll post some gory staple removing pics as we take them!!!  For those of you who do think this kind of gross stuff is neat.  Thank you again for all your well wishes and encouragement.  I truly do feel pretty good.  Like I have said to a few people, "I didn't know what to expect, but I feel way better than I thought I would IF I take it easy."  And I really am.  I want to get better as quickly as humanly and safely possible.  That is another reason why I am glad I am back on "my road" and way of doing things.

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  1. way to go zipper head i actually said to ed wow she has a nice zipper up her head . Just another battle wound in life g . and scars are marks of learning and growing . so we never forget . rest up my friend and know your army of friends here and angels we don't see are on your side :)<3